Tomiyasu reveals why he moved to Arsenal

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Arsenal are keen to reclaim success after finishing the season empty-handed. They ropping to eighth place last season for the first time in 25 years at Arsenal. Including goalkeepers, defenders, and midfielders. To hope to return to the top team of the English Premier League again. The player who plays outstanding is not Takehiro Tomiyasu.

By Arsenal decided to sell Hector Bellerin. Real Betis on loan to open the way. Takehiro Tomiyasu to become the main character at right-back. The three games that Takehiro Tomiyasu have played on have helped Arsenal. With all wins only one conceded. Takehiro Tomiyasu has been hailed as one of the most rewarding deals for Arsenal.

Takehiro Tomiyasu revealed the reason for the move to Arsenal. Because Arsenal were one of the biggest teams. Immediately accepted an offer that came in by Takehiro To. Miyasu said in an interview: “There is no reason for me to turn down one of the greatest teams like Arsenal. As soon as the offer came in I immediately accepted it because personally I wanted to play at a high level which I did. There is no need for advice from anyone before deciding to move to Arsenal. I have to thank Arsenal for the opportunity presented to me.”