Lloris: Nuno Santo needs more time

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Although it has been upgraded to the top team of the English Premier League. But Tottenham Hotspur is still far from the champions to have passed to the finals in football. Several trophies were also wo. Tottenham decided to part ways with Mauricio Pochettino following disappointing results over the years ahead of Jose Mourin. He has been appointed as the new manager in hopes that Tottenham will return to success.

Jose Mourinho led Tottenham to the Carabao Cup final but was eventually sacked before leading the team to the final. Excellent, Nuno Santo came in as a new manager. Plus in the first 3 matches of the English Premier League. Tottenham Hotspur’s performance was excellent with 3 wins in a row. But after At the end of the international break. Tottenham had lost three straight matches and scored nine goals.

Of course, with his very disappointing performance, Nuno Santo has been criticized quite a bit, and Hugo Lloris wants Nuno Santo to have more time to build the team. Hugo Lloris said in an interview: “It’s not. It’s easy for a manager to change everything in a month or two and everything is going one step at a time and now Tottenham Hotspur is entering a new era where it takes time. It’s enough to change everything and it’s important to try to understand that everyone is moving in the same direction. Of course, things will get better soon.”