Maguire missed out on Villarreal after injury.

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Manchester United are in dire straits after missing three of their last four games and losing two at Old Trafford losing to Wes. Ham United in the Carabao Cup and had to miss one trophy. The latest was Aston Villa invaded by defeat at home. Which Manchester United hope to make up again in the U.S. The FA Champions League will face rivals last season Villarreal.

Manchester United losing to Villarreal in the Europa League final having to miss the title unfortunately. The two teams will meet again in the UEFA Champions League round. Breaking the group, but recently Manchester United have to face bad news. Because Harry Maguire has a calf injury. He cannot play against Villarreal for sure and lose to play against F. Verton as well by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer interviewed that.

“Harry Maguire has to withdraw after suffering an injury problem, while Luke Shaw has the opportunity to return to the field as well, but is still on the bench because he is unable to train with his friends. Join the team, plus Aaron Wan-Bissaka is still banned and unable to enter the field in the next match, making us need to modify the main players in the next match, but we There are a lot of players to choose from and everyone is ready to go on the pitch.”