Neville reveals the only ghost player who was proud of the defeat to Swans

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Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville has named the Reds that made him proud of their 4-0 Premier League defeat to Liverpool last night.

  Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville has hailed the club’s youngster Hannibal Mejbri. Who entered the field in a boiling red battle with Liverpool last night (Tuesday, April 19, 2022). In this game, the Red Devils attacked the Reds 4-0 at Anfield. Which the hosts have goals from Luis Diaz , Mohamed Salah (2 goals) and Sadio Mane in a game that must be considered a play that looks lifeless in another away team game

          And in talks via Sky Sports , Neville has continued to criticize the Manchester United players. But there was room to pay tribute to Maybry, who came on as a late substitute in the late game and was also his first Premier League appearance of the season. Minutes after playing, the 19-year-old was shown a yellow card for interfering with Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson, but instead blamed the attacking midfielder. Neville praised the strength of Mage Brie’s mind.

           Neville said, “To be honest, at least this kid showed something. Gotta get the younger guys to come and show the rest of them how to run towards the ball and get in the tackle.” “I’m really proud of him. Maybe he doesn’t like the idea of ​​seeing Liverpool players pass the ball around him. I hope the rest of them are the same.”

           Neville added: “This kid shows something like Liverpool can’t play a prank on his team-mates. At least he showed something.” “It’s not good for him to kick the players. But at least that’s what the Man United fans deserve [from this game]. There are players who are good young, professional, but they are falling apart.” [Bruno] Fernandes. They are good players, there are a lot of good players, they are playing at a good level. But they’re broken, it’s over, it’s over this season.”

           Mejbri, a first-team player for Tunisia , joined United in 2019 and is one of the highly regarded and highly anticipated youngsters at Old Town. Trafford, however, the current Red Devils line-up can’t do what the fans. Expect to play against Liverpool. And Neville’s Sky Sports game analysts have heavily criticized the UFABET team’s performance.

           “Under pressure , Manchester United can’t keep the ball. If you come to Anfield and want a chance to get a good result. You have to be able to keep the ball but they can’t,” said former Liverpool midfielder Graeme Souness . “This is a truly great Liverpool team. And they’re going to be a really great team. No Manchester United player can be in this Liverpool team.”