De Bruyne advises young players not to pay too much attention to statistics

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Manchester City’s Belgian midfielder Kevin De Bruyne has advised youngsters to play to their full potential. It not to worry too much about stats because it doesn’t matter that much.

Over the years, Kevin De Bruyne has been an outstanding player for Manchester City. It has helped Manchester City win numerous domestic trophies and strengths. Kevin De Bruyne’s goal is to create chances for team-mates to score goals. As well as quite a number of goals in midfield. His excellent performances, Kevin De Bruyne is regarded as One of the best midfielders in the world.

And in the 2021/22 season Manchester City have the opportunity to win many championships. Both domestic and continental, such as the UEFA Champions League. Which Kevin De Bruyne Young Probably the same important player and personal stats are considered very satisfactory. But Kevin De Bruyne admits that he is not interested in personal statistics at all. That his job is to help Manchester City win. as much as possible

“Personally, I’m never afraid of making mistakes on the pitch, even though I sometimes miss passes, I try to get the ball back as quickly as possible and personally I’m only interested in UFABET team wins. I don’t care at all, even if I miss the whole game, but if it helps the team to win, it’s enough. “Manchester City will face Crystal Palace in the English Premier League and if they win, will still be ranked number 1 in the score table.