L’Equipe gave De Bruyne just 3/10 points in Gabe v PSG.

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French publication L’Equipe has rated Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne just 3 out of 10 in their Champions League clash with Paris Saint-Germain.

L’Equipe considers Kevin De Bruyne to be the worst player on the pitch. Manchester City lost 2-0 to Paris Saint-Germain at Parc des Princes on Wednesday, 29 September.

This rating of L’Equipe, a famous media from the perfume city is talked about a lot. When they gave Belgium midfielder Kevin De Bruyne just 3/10. Manchester City player has scored more than five. Raheem Sterling has scored four points. These figures it can be seen that De Bruyne has the lowest score on the pitch.

Kevin Derbruyne has been on the field for the full 90 minutes. The playmaker has made three key passes, the most on the pitch. He completed 31 passes, the fewest of two of the 20 on the pitch (excluding goalkeepers), and conceded 18, the fourth most. He also received a card left in the first half for a foul on Idrissa Guey, which may be the reason why L’Equipe regarded him as the worst player on the pitch.