Leno prepares to bid farewell to Arsenal

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Although Brand Leno has always stood as the main character of Arsenal and has done a very satisfying performance. But in the end, he still couldn’t help Arsenal win anything at all. Emiliano Martinez has not played for many years. Led Arsenal to an FA Cup win and the Community Shield before making the switch. The main thing at Aston Villa plus the latest addition is Aaron Ramsdale is ready to squeeze Brand Leno up to become Arsenal’s number one goalkeeper.

Mikel Arteta still trusts Brand Leno as the number one goalkeeper. Starts the field in the English Premier League. But Arsenal’s performance is quite disappointing with a series of defeats. Up to three games in a row without scoring a goal. Having scored nine goals, Mikel Arteta had to send Aaron Ramsdale into the field immediately after that Arsenal did. Started to perform significantly better than ever with continued winning streak.

Of course, with Aaron Ramsdale’s excellent performance, Brand Leno was immediately reduced to the role of second-hand goalkeeper and Brand Leno was ready to part with Arsenal immediately by Brand Leno. The interview said: “There is no reason for me to sit on the bench but it all depends on Mikel Arteta’s decision, although it is difficult for me and if my situation Unchanged, there is a chance that I will leave Arsenal as well.”