6 causes of cervical itching Inside matters that women should not ignore

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cervical itching It is one of the symptoms that annoys women a lot and causes unexplained suffering. Because when itching, it cannot be scratched like other parts of the skin. For anyone who has had such symptoms Or are currently experiencing cervical itching? Let’s take a look at the causes that cause this symptom better. In order to be able to correct or avoid the cause of cervical itching. As for the causes that cause cervical itching that women should not ignore are as follows โปรโมชั่น ufabet.

6 causes of cervical itching Inside matters that women should not ignore

1. Allergic to sanitary napkins
some brands of sanitary napkins may cause an allergic reaction because the skin around the genitals is delicate and result in rashes easily. Therefore, it must be observed that the sanitary napkins used. Resulting in abnormalities after using that brand of sanitary napkins? If an abnormality occurs Should switch to other brands that are the most gentle to the skin instead.

2. The vagina is inflamed.
Vaginitis is an inflammation caused by a fungus. It contributes to the growth of fungi. causing the cervix to become inflamed As for the symptoms of vaginitis, there will be a rash. There is a cloudy white discharge. and there may be a burning pain when urinating Or some people may experience pain in the genitals while having sex.

3. There is a fungus in the vagina.
in the presence of yeast infection in the vagina Will show itching around the cervix or vulva Occasionally there may be an unusually cloudy white discharge, most often caused by dampness. 

4. Infection from sexual intercourse
sexually transmitted infection May lead to candida This is a fungal disease that causes severe itching of the cervix. It will cause a lot of vaginal discharge. Including inflammation associated with

5. Infection with Tricomonas
for Tricomonas can be caused by sexual intercourse. Symptoms include a green, foul-smelling vaginal discharge. including extremely severe itching Some people may have pain in the genitals as well. And treated with the male side as well

6. have diabetes
People with diabetes tend to have itchy skin. and have yeast infection in the vagina It can cause cervical itching.

Once you know the 6 causes that cause cervical itching.  Because such symptoms are normal that can always happen to women. If left for a long time may cause negative effects.