Dias reveals Man City had a chance to close the game but couldn’t.

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A very strong team, plus a very skilled manager like Pep Guardiola. Manchester City have been raised to be the number 1 favorite in the UEFA Champions League. But most of them always will stop at only the quarter-finals or only 16 teams to reach the final last season. But ultimately disappointingly defeated the champions and Manchester City are hoping to win the United trophies. The first FA Champions League is available in the 2021/22 season.

In the opening match of the group stage. Manchester City beat RB Leipzig first. Although facing Paris Saint-Germain will not be a difficult task for Manchester City. Plus throughout the game. It is Manchester City who open the game to attack all the time to hope to score goals to lead. But Paris Saint-Germain seems to have a sharper attacking game, and in the end, it is Paris Saint-Germain. Mang defeated Manchester City 2-0 with Idrissa Ghana Gay and Lionel Messi.

In which Ruben Dias admits that it is very sad that Manchester City can’t win even though there are plenty of chances to score and should be able to win. Ruben Dias said in an interview: “It’s It was a frustrating night as we had the chance to finish off the game, but the big team meetings were often settled on the smallest detail and we were always on the better side even though we couldn’t. Got a win, but with a lot of chances to score goals and still have enough to win. Unfortunately, it can’t be converted to a goal. “