Saka confident Arsenal will be good enough to win the title

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After winning the FA Cup and the Community Shield. Arsenal have never returned to where they were and last season dropped to the top of the standings. Eighth in the table and missing a European Cup ticket for the first time in 25 years running into the 2021/22 season. Arsenal made a very disappointing debut with three consecutive defeats. and dropped to 19th in the table before entering the national team break

But after the international break, Arsenal returned to a remarkable performance with three wins in a row against rivals Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs are still difficult to beat, and now Arsenal have moved up to the middle of the table, which Bukayo Saka revealed that Arsenal’s team is very strong and has the opportunity. Very high to win the title in the 2021/22 season by Bukayo Saka said.

“Arsenal is a team with very high quality players and their individual experience is quite rich and it will help Arsenal to be successful even though it is important for us at the moment. Is to keep winning one game at a time, but if we continue to maintain a good standard of play like this, there is a very high chance of winning the championship. Plus, what is the atmosphere in the stadium when there are fans? It’s amazing and it’s our job to keep winning to reward all the fans.”