Leicester City have opened discussions with Gattuso

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Leicester City are set to hold talks with Italian manager Gennaro Gattuso. The man is out of work after parting with Fiorentina to replace Brendan Rodgers if Leicester City’s performance does not improve at UFABET.

After taking charge of a small team for a while. It soon had to take over the big AC Milan team immediately. Which AC Mi’s performance. The courtyard under Gennaro Gattuso’s team is not that bad. But overall, it’s still not satisfactory. Causing Gennaro Gattuso to decide to part ways with AC Milan before going in. Immediately in charge of Napoli and after just one season. Gennaro Gattuso once again parted ways with Napoli.

Before Fiorentina tried to bring Gennaro Gattuso into the new manager, unfortunately, plans with the board did not match, causing the two sides to split quickly and Gennaro Gattu. Particularly English Premier League clubs Everton Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United. Before the trio opted for the others. As the new manager Gennaro Gattuso remains the unemployed manager now.

But it appears Gennaro Gattuso’s chances are back, as Leicester City have already negotiated a contract for Gennaro Gattuso with disappointing results under the hood. Brendan Rodgers’ squad and if Leicester City’s performance doesn’t improve.