Grading players Arsenal-Liverpool , FA Cup game, round 3, the Reds attack the Gunners at home – Player Ratings

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Liverpool defeated Arsenal 0-2 at the Emirates Stadium, scoring two goals in the second half through own goals from Jakup Kivior and Luis Diaz.

Grading players Arsenal-Liverpool, FA Cup game, round 3, the Reds attack the Gunners at home - Player Ratings

Player scores for both teams


Aaron Ramsdale – 7
received the opportunity to enter the field as a starter. Today it is considered that he performed his duties well and made no mistakes. There was a beautiful save from Diaz’s shot. The lost goal was both an own goal and a solo goal that almost completely eliminated the right to help the ยูฟ่าเบท team.

Gabriel – 6
The first period did a good job in dealing with Liverpool’s counter-attacks, but after the second half the visiting team adjusted their offensive line and seemed to have a harder time.

William Saliba – 7
Quite a tough job in the one-on-one duel with the Reds offensive line. Overall, it is considered to be doing a good job. Attacks with precision and strength.

Ben White – 6
first half, there was a chance to press with his right to make a save. After that, the second half didn’t add much at all because they had to chase Nunez, who had speed.

Jakup Kivior – 6
Defensive game on the left side is considered to be doing a good job. Plays quite smoothly. But unfortunately he headed in the wrong direction and into his own goal.

Jorginho – 7
controls the tempo of the game in midfield. He is the one who plays the ball and connects the game from the back. Overall, it is considered to be doing well in surviving the high pressure of the visitors.

Declan Rice – 7
tries to move the ball forward. Most of their role lies in connecting the ball in the attacking game with Jorginho being the final control man.

Martin Odegaard – 6
Missed a golden opportunity from a focused shot in the penalty area but the ball hit the crossbar. After that, although I got to play with the ball a bit, I didn’t have many opportunities to make beautiful games.

Reiss Nelson – 6
Had a chance from the beginning of the game from a missed moment to avoid Alisson, but unfortunately couldn’t shoot. After that I was able to play with the ball a bit but couldn’t do much.

Bukayo Saka – 6,
quite striking on the right flank. Had the chance to go with the ball many times. But the finishing timing is still lacking in today’s game.

Kai Havertz – 6
was deployed as a striker. Today there is a chance to play with the ball in dangerous areas many times. But he didn’t seem to make the decision as well as he should have, making whether he shoots or passes, it still looks completely wrong.


Gabriel Martinelli (replacing Nelson in the 62nd minute) – 7
came in and used his speed to attack Trent well, having some rhythm with some beautiful balls at the end of the line.

Eddie Nketiah (replaced Jorginho in the 82nd minute) – N/A

Leandro Trossar (in place of Chivior in the 88th minute) – N/A

Emile Smith Rowe (in place of Havertz in the 88th minute) – N/A


Alisson – 8
saves helped the beautiful team many times in this game. Along with keeping an important clean sheet, the team successfully advanced to the next round.

Jarrell Quansah – 8
did an excellent job replacing the sick Van Dijk. Even though they were heavily pressured by the attackers, they still squeezed space for the home strikers to do anything they weren’t very good at.

Ibrahima Konate – 8
outstanding roles in the defense today with many beautiful tackles, playing strong.

Joe Gomez – 6,
started as a left-back in the first period, was hit hard by Saka and also made a mistake that almost cost him a goal. As for the offensive game, they played almost no role throughout the game.

Trent Alexander Arnold – 7
has both beautiful moments of intercepting the ball as well as easy moments where the defense is still a weak point today, being fed through easily, but today he was involved in the goal. The first time it was opened until Kivior headbutted it into his own goal. Including the moment when the shot hit the beam.

Alexis McAllister – 6
recovered from injury to become a starter again. Facing hard work in the midfield game Their role is mostly to chase the ball in the middle of the field.

Curtis Jones – 6
roles, mostly heavy on defense and helping chase the ball in midfield. The second half was hardly involved in the game until he was substituted.

Cody Gakpo – 6
Has little to no role in the offensive game. Whether it’s falling back down or pushing up high The ball came to him quite a bit.

Harvey Elliott – 6
Initially deployed as a right winger. Although there were some opportunities to play with the ball But there’s not much you can do. Before the second half, they closed up and stood in the middle more to help shape the game in the counter-attack.

Luis Diaz – 7
Used his agility to upset the home defense well. There were some moments where I tried to finish. before scoring a decisive finish in injury time.

Darwin Nuñez – 7
Still scoreless in this game. Participated in the offensive game quite a bit in rhythm with the ball on the left side. But as usual today, the timing of shooting or passing is still lacking.


Ryan Gravenburch (replacing Gakpo in the 59th minute) – 7
came on to use his unique abilities to create good dimension in the midfield. A free kick was called and it was the source of the first goal for the team in the second half.

Diogo Jota (in place of McAllister, 59th minute) – 8,
truly creating dimension in the attacking game. Participated in the offensive game a lot, got 1 assist from a pass to Diaz, shot to cover the box, and also hit the crossbar as well.

Bobby Clarke (replacing Elliott in the 75th minute) – 6
roles, not much in the game. But it helps chase the ball well.

Corner Bradley (replacing Jones in the 75th minute) – 6,
controlling the defense on the right flank towards the end of the game.