Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool: Issues after the FA Cup game: The Gunners were unable to shoot correctly but fell out of the FA Cup according to regulations.

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• Arsenal ‘s last three seasons in the FA Cup, their best result is only in the 4th round.

• Liverpool have been champions of this competition 8 times.

Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool: Issues after the FA Cup game: The Gunners were unable to shoot correctly but fell out of the FA Cup according to regulations.

Arsenal still has problems with their stumbling form. And in the latest game, they encountered another defeat. Along with being knocked out of the FA Cup third round with a 2-0 defeat to Liverpool in a game where they had many chances. But it couldn’t be turned into a goal.

“Cannon’s” physical access to the ball

After Arsenal lost two games in a row in the Premier League, Arsenal played this game feeling like they wanted to “make amends” from their disappointment. They played with determination. and was able to hold the momentum of the game. with playing fast pressure constant pressure and made Liverpool unable to set up the game. It is one of the main methods of playing today that is extremely effective. Especially in the first half, Liverpool didn’t have a chance to shoot on target even once. This was one of those games where they held the opponent down for the first 45 minutes, and possibly even early in the second half when they still had more possession.

Arsenal’s “blunt” sharpness

Arsenal has been noted all along lately for their apparent deterioration in performance. They had a game where they created 30 chances in the defeat to West Ham, followed by a lackluster performance in the second 45 minutes of the defeat to Fulham. The game played well. With a total of almost 20 entries, but not a single goal occurred. Especially in the first half, there should have been many goals, in contrast to Liverpool, who played patiently. Starting to regain control of the game. Before there is a trick And luck helped from the moment the goal led 1-0 from the erroneous play of the Arsenal defense. which became an important turning point. And it affected Arsenal’s already low confidence. to become almost nonexistent. And they highlighted it painfully with a second goal to cement their place in the game.

Missing “confidence”, missing “scoring striker”

Arsenal have created 61 chances in their last three games. and got only 1 goal and if we look at the victory They only won 1 out of 6 games. What can be indicated from this is Their approach had no problem creating chances. But they had trouble finishing in the final third. That is the most important part in the game of football.

Arsenal is one team that doesn’t have a “carrier” player when it comes to scoring goals. Since the end of the era Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang They became a team that played by building team spirit. And many players in the offensive line helped score goals, with the names of Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli and Martin Edegard being the main players in scoring goals this season ago. They have combined for 45 goals, but that has become a problem this season as form, confidence and goals have not lived up to expectations from the trio. 

They are back to being players who can create more chances than just score goals. Based on the fact that Arsenal is the only team in the Premier League this season with the top 10 top scorers in the league. None of their players are listed in the league’s top five for most goals. While the forwards, Gabriel Jesus and Eddie Nketia, are both. The number of doors is too few. Lack of both consistency and form of play. and injury problems. It clearly reflects what Arsenal’s problems are at the moment. And they need to fix it very quickly.

vs Liverpool Today’s opponents, including Darwin Nuñez, Luis Diaz or Cody Gakpo, may not be in good form this season in terms of scoring production. But they have “Mo Salah” who is the main hope in looking for goals. Plus the perfect game plan under the control of Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool this year. therefore maintaining the standard of play. Even though there were some moments that stumbled can come back quickly. Including this game where they didn’t have Mo Salah to play and created fewer opportunities. But in the end, their offensive line was named the scorer of at least one goal in this game.

The strong defense of “Liverpool”

Let’s say from what we saw, Liverpool might not have a very good game today. But they came out victorious thanks to their goals, but what “sustained” them was their improved defensive performance in the second half. Ibrahim Konate was outstanding in the back line. When combined with Arsenal’s offensive line that isn’t in shape, they can’t close the job. While luck itself comes with playing patiently. And create more opportunities in the second half. This game, the “Reds” have all the qualities to be the winner in this game, more than Arsenal, where today William Saliba and Gabriel Magayes have almost nothing to offer. 80 minutes of mistakes before Jakub Kivior’s own goal was the turning point in the game.

Arsenal had no one to blame for this defeat. Because you all missed each other in the final area of ​​entry. While the defense conceded the first goal from a mistake that no one wanted to happen.