Food allergy Can I take antihistamines first?

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Want to eat food that is allergic Just take antihistamines in advance and eat that food as you wish. Can you do this too?

Food allergy Can I take antihistamines first?

Why do we have food allergies?

A food allergy is an adverse reaction that manifests itself physically. Caused by immunity specific to that type of food. Which can cause symptoms to repeat if the same allergic food is received.

How do we know we have food allergies?

We will know that we are allergic to that type of food. Only when we start having abnormal symptoms after eating such food in a period of not more than 24 hours, such as

  • sudden hives 
  • Swollen eyes, swollen lips 
  • allergic skin rash 
  • contact rash
  • vomit 
  • chronic diarrhea 
  • bloody stool 
  • gastrointestinal bleeding
  • stuffy nose 
  • chronic runny nose 
  • cough 
  • shortness of breath 
  • gasp
  • faint 
  • faint 
  • lose consciousness


Why did I just lose food when I grew up?

Most food allergies tend to occur since childhood. But there are not many people who suddenly I have symptoms that are abnormal with food that I used to eat comfortably. This may be caused by changes in the “microbiome” (Microbiome), which is the bacteria that live in our UFABET body. or taking antibiotics and not eating foods that contain insufficient fiber As a result, the body has a weak immune system. Until resulting in food allergies when growing up

Can I take antihistamines beforehand?

It’s an incorrect belief. The same applies to taking antipyretic drugs to trap before going out in the rain or doing activities that risk catching a cold. in advance cannot be done In patients with allergic reactions immediately after eating food that causes food allergy Taking antihistamines before eating those foods, in addition to not being able to reduce the allergic reaction to be lighter It’s even more dangerous than before. Because patients who believe that taking antihistamines will be okay May eat more of those foods without being careful.

Try to eat foods that cause you to lose often. Will you win? Will you lose in the future?

There may be some people who have food allergies gradually. It’s so good that I can come back to eat my favorite food again. But it doesn’t come from the method of trying to eat that food often, little by little. Some people force to eat, believing that the body will gradually adjust, but this method is not good for people with severe allergies. because it will result in suffocation arrhythmia The body pumps blood so fast that it can cause shock, unconsciousness, or even death.

among people allergic to seafood Less likely to be cured of an allergic reaction If stubborn or forced to eat because I thought it might disappear May be fatal from just one bite of food, so avoid eating foods that cause allergies. It’s the best way to deal with and prevent it. If the cause of the allergic reaction cannot be found Or not sure if you are allergic to that food or not, you should see a specialist to be tested for specific allergens.