7 warning signs in women symptoms that indicate “It’s time for an internal audit.”

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Many women may be anxious and afraid to have a pelvic exam. Especially if it’s time to have an internal examination to find the disease as well as to prevent it early. Many people still choose to refuse to get tested. Therefore, today we would like to collect 7 important symptoms that women should know. Because it is a symptom that signals that the body is time to undergo an internal examination and then come and tell me.

7 warning signs in women symptoms that indicate "It's time for an internal audit."

1. bleeding from the vagina
When there is bleeding from the vagina without knowing the cause and ensure that the blood is not menstrual blood especially when bleeding after sex Including spotty bleeding after menopause You should immediately see a doctor for an internal examination.

2. abnormal vaginal discharge
Vaginal discharge is usually clear and whitish in color. If there is an abnormality such as vaginal discharge with a yellow, greenish or cloudy yellow color It’s possible it’s caused by bacteria. If the discharge is brown, it is most likely caused by vaginal bleeding. 

3. Missing periods and not coming on time
If menstruation has not been missed for several months or may not come exactly as usual. That is also a warning sign for women to undergo an internal ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com exam.

4. The vagina smells
If the vagina smells bad which may have never been before which the stench will gradually getting stronger. You should hurry to check inside as well. And in most cases, there are 3 types of smells found: fishy smell, sour smell and musty smell.

5. Chronic lower abdominal pain
When you have lower abdominal pain or persistent pain in the lower abdomen all the time whether during menstruation or not and the symptoms became more and more severe. It is advisable to go for an internal examination in order for the doctor to find out the cause of the symptoms and to receive treatment in time.

6. There is a wound around the vagina.
In the area of ​​the wound around the vagina. caused by different reasons. Whether it’s raised scars or scaly scars. The cause is caused by inflammation and infection. caused by friction during sex and caused by sexually transmitted lesions which can initially look at their own wounds through the mirror. If you notice and find that there are many wounds. Including inflammation, swelling, redness and a burning sensation in the vaginal area. Should see a doctor, but urgently.

7. Found a lump in the lower abdomen
If palpation and found a lump in the lower abdomen which can be observed by oneself by lying down and see if the stomach is still bloated or not If bloated, try to feel it. When feeling that the lump is round, hard, and protruding, you should go for an internal examination as soon as possible. for the doctor to perform further diagnosis

Do not forget that the internal examination on time is very important to women’s health. Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid of getting hurt. When it’s time to check, it’s recommended to hurry to check to know if there is an abnormality in our health. Including observing the above symptoms is also important.